Our Approach

We love to hear stories about why business owners opened their business, what led them down that path, and how they got to where they are now, or why they are starting up.  It helps us understand what our partnership is going to be about. We will handle everything we do for your business as we handle Moxii;  with respect, and integrity.

Kate's Story

I've been in the Bloomington Normal area for just over 20 years.  My path led me to restaurant marketing, and from there, into hospitality as a Wedding Coordinator, Director of Catering, General Manager, Food and Beverage Director and then into Media Marketing.

So there's the short version of my very long resume!

Why did I Moxii?  I don't believe that life passion is silly, I believe to have a great journey you need to find your life passion.  I found myself believing it was possible; belief that I could do what I loved, the way that I wanted to do it.  In a way, I cleared my head, get out of my own thoughts and got the moxie to start Moxii.

I would love to hear about your journey, your life passion if you will.

Lisa's Story

After spending 9 years in the construction industry, it was time for me to change things up and enter the world of women’s fashion by starting my own online boutique. While the visual aspect is what initially drew me in, I accidentally found my passion in social media and network marketing.

The idea of accelerated and more convenient relationships is at the heart of every aspect of social media. It is all about bringing people together.
Once I started learning everything I could to grow my own business, I was hooked! I just had to share the power of building connections with others – enter Moxii.

Now, each day I am able to use the constantly evolving tools available through social media to help others follow their dreams and exceed their goals.

I would love to chat with you about your future and finding your next best customer – they might even turn out to be your next best friend.